In its commitment to creating awareness of the thyroid and its function, the foundation took an awareness/sensitization seminar to the army officers wives association at the Maxwell Khobe cantonment 3 Div. Rukuba Barracks Jos-Nigeria.

In her speech, the founder of Gold Heart Foundation, Mrs Florence Oketona counseled the Nigerian Army Officers’ Wives’ on early detection of thyroid disorder and how to prevent such.

In her words, “Thyroid disease is considered as a terrible disease, a large number of people in Nigeria who have the disorder either hide it for fear of stigmatization or are misdiagnosed and treated for an entirely different thing which results in death.” She added that, about 60 million Nigerians are living with one form of thyroid disorder or another and over 80% are women.

Research showed that thyroid dysfunction is mostly found five to eight times in women than in men.

Mrs. Oketona said the essence of the outreach was to sensitize the women on how to arrest thyroid disorders before it gets to a full-blown stage. This she said can be achieved if prompt action is taken once the symptoms of a malfunctioning thyroid are noticed. She attributed the disorder to poor diet lacking the needed nutrients.

In another speech, a Doctor with the Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) Dr. Bunmi Alade further explained that women are more prone to thyroid disease because of their fluctuating hormonal levels. She added that with Nigeria’s huge population, the little or no awareness of the thyroid disease puts the country at a risk of having the condition turn to a pandemic.

A participant Mrs Iyabode Awotunde said she previously didn’t know much about the thyroid but will go for thyroid test now that she is aware.

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